Kamis, 06 Februari 2020

Hero Huskar Reviews in the Dota 2 Game

Huskar is a very strong STR hero both in the early game and late game. He is a warrior type hero who is ready to advance on the front lines to attack and open attack initiations. Huskar also has a very terrible regeneration ability. Besides that, Huskar is also able to deal enormous damage to the opposing heroes and can kill them using his fire spear skill. Let us discuss more about the hero Huskar.

Huskar is equipped with a great defensive skill, the Inner Fire skill. When used, Huskar will release energy from within himself. This energy will knock your opponent back (knock back). Amazingly, this skill will also provide considerable magic damage to the opponent and give disarm effect, the ability to make the opponent unable to carry out physical attacks for a few moments. This skill can be driven using Black King Bar items.

Huskar is also equipped with a very terrible weapon, the Burning Spear. This skill is an active skill like the Frost Arrow's Drow Ranger skill. When used, Huskar will throw a fiery spear at the opponent who will give magic damage per second to the opponent he is targeting. This skill can be stacked up to 5 times. It should be noted, when using this skill, Huskar will also receive damage to himself by 4% of the HP he has.

Huska is also equipped with the soul and blood of a great fighter. With the passive skill called Berserker Blood, Huskar will get additional attack speed and bonus HP regeneration. The smaller the cellphone that Huskar has, the more extra he will also get. The maximum total attack speed that Huskar can get is 340.

Huskar is also equipped with skills that can make him closer to the opponent's hero, named Life Break. As the name implies, Huskar will sacrifice 44% of his HP to give 44% damage to the opponent's hero (the resulting damage is taken from 44% of the remaining HP owned). This skill is magical so it cannot penetrate spell immunity status. This item can be upgraded using the Aghanim Scepter so that it gives Taunt status to the opponent it is targeting.

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